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‘Haiku’ and ‘Haiku Poetry’ -- article by James W. Hackett - Haiku Challenge
January 28th, 2007
12:37 pm


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‘Haiku’ and ‘Haiku Poetry’ -- article by James W. Hackett

This is an article of James W.Hackett , published in the last Hermitage journal. I have already placed his well known suggestions for creating haiku poems in English   ( http://origa.livejournal.com/78196.html?nc=72 ). By placing this article now, I hope we can share our own attitudes towards, and views on haiku, and have a useful discussion, and haiku writing. Please feel free to share your poems, your thoughts, and your love for haiku! :)


I hope this will be interesting and useful for all the members of this community -- enjoy! :)

jewerly boutique --
in the show-window
golden sunset


(Hermitage, 2006, issue III, volume 1-2)

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